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this is a blog dedicated to an ace model of Seventeen Japan; Nishiuchi Mariya.

blog is fully maintained by yoshikawa-san

Mariya x LINE

nishiuchi mariya - (almost) breaking into tears

"ahh whenever i think about it, i feel like crying”

koichi : why do you wear such high heels?!

mariya : i’m sorry…. ^^;

tsuyoshi : well, if she doesn’t, our heights would be pretty much the same ~


get to know me :[3/10] - celebrity crushes ;Nishiuchi Mariya 

Anonymous: hello ~ will u make graphics from Love Evolution? xD i like ur graphics ~

hi ~ 

not now because

1) i cannot access the youtube video ;~; 

2) i am planning to wait my copy instead, so that i can gif the making and make graphics out of the photobook as well :D

annnnnd thanks for the compliment! you really make my day

(i’ve been away for about a week btw lol)